Illinois Courses:

Finance 501: Financial Economics.

Note: the above documents are samples of a previous offering of the course. Current/prospective students should check the course's Compass web site or contact the instructor for current versions.

Economics 530 / Finance 580.

Harvard Courses:

API 109: Advanced Microeconomic Analysis.

Economics 2020 a/b: Microeconomic Theory I/II.


Notes on Microeconomic Theory

The following notes are meant to accompany API 109i and API 111 / Econ 2020a / HBS 4401. They provide commentary on the text and contain most of what I cover(ed) in lecture. The notes are still in a preliminary stage. As such, they most likely contain typographical errors and confusing passages. I ask that students keep this in mind if they choose to use these notes. I welcome comments from students regarding errors in the notes or places where they can be made more clear.

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