Current Working Papers

"Keepin' 'Em Down on the Farm: Migration and Strategic Investment in Children's Schooling," with Robert Jensen (2017). NBER Working Paper 23122.

"Blowing Smoke: Health Impacts of Wildfire Plume Dynamics," with David Molitor and Eric Zou (2017).

"A Revealed Preference Approach to Measuring Hunger and Undernutrition," with Robert Jensen (2010).

"Strategic Approaches to Third-Party Intervention: Theory and an Application to U.S. Policy in Iraq," (2008).


Published and Forthcoming Papers:

"Adaptation and the Mortality Effects of Temperature Across US Climate Regions," with Garth Heutel and David Molitor (2019). Forthcoming, Review of Economics and Statistics. NBER Working Paper 23271.

"The Mortality and Medical Costs of Air Pollution: Evidence from Changes in Wind Direction," with Tatyana Deryugina, Garth Heutel, David Molitor and Julian Reif (2019).  Forthcoming, American Economic Review, December 2019, 109(12): 4178-4219. NBER Working Paper 22796.

"Market Integration, Demand and the Growth of Firms: Evidence from a Natural Experiment in India," with Robert Jensen (2018). American Economic Review, December 2018, 108(12): 3583-3625. Online Appendix.

"Feeling it in your bones: A restrospective claims analysis of the association between rainfall and diagnoses of joing or back pain," with Anupam B. Jena, Andrew R. Olenski, and David Molitor (2017). British Medical Journal, BMJ 2017;359:j5326.

"Solomonic Separation: Gauging Preference Intensity Through Risk Taking," with Alex Wagner and Richard Zeckhauser (2013). Journal of Risk and Uncertainty, June, 2013, 46(3), 265-297.

"What Does Health Reform Mean for the Healthcare Industry? Evidence from the Massachusetts Special Senate Election," with Mohamad M. Al-Ississ (2012). Forthcoming, American Economic Journal: Economic Policy. Online Appendix.

"Demanding Customers: Consumerist Patients and Quality of Care," with Hai Fang, John Rizzo, and Richard Zeckhauser (2011). The B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis & Policy: Vol. 11: Iss. 1 (Contributions), Article 59.
Available at:

"Do Consumer Price Subsidies Really Improve Nutrition?" with Robert Jensen (2011). Forthcoming, Review of Economics and Statistics, November 2011, 93(4), 1205-1223. NBER Working Paper 16102.

''Giffen Behavior and Subsistence Consumption,'' with Robert Jensen (2008).  American Economic Review, 98(4), 1553-1557.

"The Impact of Food Price Increases on Caloric Intake In China," with Robert Jensen (2008). Agricultural Economics, 39(S1), 465-476.

''Advertising Budgets in Competitive Environments,'' with Amit Pazgal (2007). Quantitative Marketing and Economics, 5(2) pp. 131–161.

''Mechanism Design with Multidimensional, Continuous Types and Interdependent Valuations,'' with Scott Johnson, John Pratt, and Richard Zeckhauser (2007). Journal of Economic Theor, 136(1), 476-496.

''Provider Choice of Quality and Surplus,'' with Karen Eggleston and Richard Zeckhauser (2006). International Journal of Health Care Finance and Economics, 6, 103-117.

''Insurer-Provider Integration, Credible Commitment, and Managed Care Backlash'' (2006). Journal of Health Economics, 25(5), 861-876.

''Possibly-Final Offers,'' with Nikita Piankov and Richard Zeckhauser (2006). Journal of Economics and Management Strategy, 15(3), Fall 2006, 789-819.

''Budget or Target: The Choice Between Input and Output Strategies,'' with Amit Pazgal (2006). RAND Journal of Economics, 37(2), Summer 2006, 391-415.

''Screening Budgets,'' with Alex Wagner and Richard Zeckhauser (2006). Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 61(3), 351-374.

''Eliciting Informative Feedback: The Peer Prediction Method,'' with Paul Resnick and Richard Zeckhauser (2005). Management Science, 51(9), September 2005, 1359-1373.

''Pricing Health Benefits: A Cost Minimization Approach,'' (2005). Journal of Health Economics, 24(5), 2005, 931-949.

''Strategic Trade and Delegated Competition,'' with Amit Pazgal. Journal of International Economics, 66(1), 2005, 215-231.

''The Effects of Environmental Regulation on Technology Diffusion: The Case of Chlorine Manufacturing,'' American Economic Review, 93(2), May 2003 (Papers and Proceedings), 431-435, with Lori D. Snyder and Robert N. Stavins.

''Relative Performance as a Strategic Commitment Mechanism,'' Managerial and Decision Economics, 23(2), March 2002, 51-68, with Amit Pazgal.

''The Equivalence of Price and Quantity Competition with Delegation,'' RAND Journal of Economics, 32(2), Summer 2001, 284-301, with Amit Pazgal.

''Efficiency in Partnerships with Joint Monitoring,'' Journal of Economic Theory, 77 (2), December 1997, 285-299.

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Older Working Papers and Older Versions of Published Papers:

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Efficient Design with Multidimensional, Continuous Types and Interdependent Valuations, with Scott Johnson, John Pratt, and Richard Zeckhauser (March 2003). Harvard Kennedy School Research Working Paper RWP02-025.

Report Cards, Incentives, and Quality Competition in Health Care (March 2006).

Moral hazard with persistent actions and learning, June 1999.

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